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Our Centre


Pennant Hills BASC is currently rated as meeting the National Quality Standard and offers places to Pennant Hills Public School children needing care for Before School, After School, Staff Development Days and Vacation Care. 

We are located in Bellthorn Cottage – next to the lower oval, on the K-2 Infants site.

Since its establishment by parents in 1990, PHBASC has witnessed significant growth. More than 360 children are enrolled in our not-for-profit organisation which is managed by a volunteer Parent Management Committee that utilise the service. 

There is Government Assistance to help you with the cost of childcare. PHBASC is approved to offer Child Care Subsidy (CCS) to eligible families. To receive Child Care Subsidy you need to meet certain criteria. This subsidy will be paid directly to your childcare provider (our centre) to reduce the fees you pay. ​

PHBASC operates with appropriate staff to child ratios with a minimum of 1 staff member per 15 children. The preference is to work with 1 staff member per 13 children plus 2 additional staff members. This is to ensure the best care is provided. 

PHBASC provides a daily routine that meets the needs of individual children in relation to each child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative development. As the centre is the child’s time for play and leisure, this will be reflected in the daily routines and programming which are always displayed in our centre and are based around the children’s wants and needs.


The children are free to engage in whatever activities or play they desire. Parent feedback is highly encouraged in regard to the routine and programming and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. 


Our mission is to provide high quality care for children who attend Pennant Hills Public School outside of school hours.  Our purpose is to provide childcare to families where parents/guardians are working, studying or in need of childcare for any other reason.  

Our Centre provides an environment where children have access to, and are encouraged to participate in, a range of age appropriate recreational and educational activities.

Our Philosophy

From the Director

At Pennant Hills BASC we pride ourselves on our collaborative team approach, strong community focus and family based values.

We believe, building positive connections with children and their families are the foundation for providing an environment where children can feel safe, secure and supported, develop a positive sense of agency and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Children are encouraged to play there own way in the BASC environment. Their interests and ideas are valued and built upon by our team of dedicated educators who value and build meaningful relationships with them,

setting the children up to be successful contributors to their world.

Children are supported to interact verbally and respectfully and collaborate with others, to play where their

interests/passions guide them, to enjoy themselves and savour the moments spent with their BASC friends.

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From our Educational Leader

At our core, we are the biggest advocates for play. Play can be structured, unstructured, full of joy and child directed and lead. As educators we strive to maximise the most time for play and understand the importance of play as a means of self-worth, a space of harmony, liberation, and a possibility of becoming what you want to be. We follow the principles, practices, and outcomes of the My Time Our Place Framework by providing resources that reflect children’s ages, interests, knowledge, strengths, abilities, and culture to stimulate and support play in an open-ended way. Our program is unique to our children’s interests and imaginations.

BASC is a place where creativity and spontaneity align, where children are encouraged to push the unconventional and feel empowered through making their own choices. Our presence is felt through the land on which we reside. You can find us building forts in loose parts, testing our strength on yellow equipment, making mud pies, bug collecting and cloud gazing. We love the land we are on. We guide our children to appreciate, care and tend to their environment and strive to learn more about its connection to indigenous culture.

We welcome everyone with open arms and respect the uniqueness and diversity of all children and families that attend our service. At BASC we advocate for every child to have the opportunity to learn and play in a stimulating environment free, from prejudices. We recognise and value our educators' unique interests, skills, values, and beliefs and use these as a basis to promote the appreciation of our differences. Children are encouraged to be themselves with the opportunity to become aware of fairness and equality.

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Critical Reflection

We strive to continuously grow and evolve as a service through deep critical reflection. We highly value a range of perspectives and regularly examine all aspects of what we do. We have a team of highly creative thinkers and through ongoing collaboration, we continue to build on service practices and procedures, personal growth with intent and honesty.

My Time Our Place – Outcome 4 Children are confident and involved learners

I would like to acknowledge past and present Educators as without them, their hard work, passion and dedication to our service would not be where it is today:

Calum | Scott | Anita | Mia | Kathleen | Maryanne | Emma | Carl | Alex M | Ben | Aimee | Chloe H | Bec M | Chloe M | Chris | Clarkey | Elena | Emily M | Erika | Tim | Joel | Lauren D | Lucie | Matt | Reba | Sam C | Emily W | Sam D | Bec B | Caleb | Danje | Emily C | Grace | Harry | Jaywan | Jess K | John | Lachie M | Lauren C | Lucy | Pete F | Pete B | Will | Mark | Michael | Monique | Dani | Bess | Jess M | Eddy S | Eddy G | Michelle | Lauren B | Alex T | Alex W | Mel | Diana | Charlie | Jeremy | Lani | Maddi | Steve | Courtney | Naomi | Kyah | Louisa | Kate | Kaye | Josh | Armelle | Barbi | Lachlan | Maddy | Helen | Louisa | Emily | Keean | Melody | Jimmy | Rachel | Ella | Erin | Sophie | Rohan | Ty | Taylor | Abbey | Alex.H | Ashton | Arrow | Astreia | Cerys | Ewan | Grace.N | Izzy | Johan | Jasmin | Harriette | Lizzie | Lucy | Sareena | Megan | Grace.M | Harrison | Tommy | Thomas | Grace.T | Tegan | Jessica

Our Educators

Our Amazing Leadership and Senior Team 


Sue Watts

Finance Manager


Sophie Rhodes

AD - Educational Leader

ch pic.jpg

Chloe Hartman

AD - WHS & Service Admin

Tim Love

Centre Director

Ella Rogers.jpg

Ella Rogers

Assistant/Menu Planner


Taylor Bassett

Staff Wellbeing


Armelle Kolton

Research & Theory


Keean Van Elven

Roster Manager


Lizzie Boxwell

Inclusion Support 


Megan Rosenblum


Lachie Rosenblum Pic.jpg

Lachie Rosenblum

Kindy Lead

Harriette Cusack

Inclusion Support



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...and our other wonderful educators

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Grace N





Grace Tweed Pic.jpg

Grace T

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