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What you need to know about Enrolment...

General Information

Care is offered to all members of the Pennant Hills Public School community when and where available. The Centre reserves the right to decline any request for enrolment, or to terminate the provision of care with seven days written notice to the family. This situation would be exceptional but may be required due to discipline/behaviour issues, priority of access guidelines or continued payment difficulties. Children can not attend unless registered with PHBASC.​

Sign in & out

Parents are required to digitally sign in their children on arrival at the Centre in the morning and digitally sign them out on leaving the Centre in the afternoon, using the iPad. The iPad is situated on the stairs at the front of our building.


No child can be left at the Centre without being signed in / or taken without being signed out.

Fees & charges

The BASC Management Committee would like to advise all parents of the new fee structure commencing on Thursday 1st February 2024.


Before School

After School

Casual Before School

Casual After School

Vacation Care (base rate from April 2024)







The Centre is run as a not-for-profit organisation and therefore the fees will be kept at a minimum whilst ensuring appropriate sustainable funding.

Fees are charged fortnightly on a Tuesday from the nominated bank account or credit card and in arrears to allow for any changes, casual bookings or additional fees (eg. late or non-notification fee).

Fees are payable throughout the school term including sick days, absences and family vacations if they fall while the Centre is open.

Fees can be paid via DebitSuccess using a personal bank account or credit card.


PHBASC requirements for next year – 2024

The time has come to think about your PHBASC requirements for next year – 2024. 

Please submit your booking requests by Monday 4th September 2023. After this date, we will be offering positions to our Kindergarten 2024 children and new enrolments to the Centre. This may mean that your child will have to go onto our waiting list for 2024.

What to do if my bookings are the same for 2024?

Your current booking will roll over to 2024 unless you submit a new booking request.  This means that if your 2024 booking will remain the same, there is nothing you need to do.

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